Kidderz™ Children's Posture corrector

$24 $74

Our Children's Posture Corrector is mainly designed for kids and teenagers to keep away from bad posture. It is ideal for preventing humpback, myopia, misaligned spine and so on.

Let your kid gradually have an upright posture and look more confident.

This posture corrector for kids has two elastic straps with the adjustable shoulder pads which ensure the straps won't rub your shoulder. The belts also have good elasticity with strong hook and loop to fix on the lumber.

Easy To Wear & Invisible:

This kid posture corrector is convenient to wear for kids and teenagers. It's not obvious to wear under clothes whether study in School or Play in outdoor.

Just wear it and develop good standing and sitting habits

These child Posture brace can fit most kids because of the Elastic Belts. Suitable for waist circumference 18.5-25.5 inches.


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