Water Bottle Humidifier

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Forget about bulky humidifier which occupy your crowded desk space.

Water Bottle Humidifier takes up a size only as big as your hand.
Easy to be filled and carried. Ideal for traveling, office, bedroom, baby room, dormitory or office.

  • Easy to use & Fill & clean: fill into bottle or a coke bottle and place it on the humidifier with the US cord plugged in and the humidifier is about to work.
  • Be tired of cleaning the container every week? With Personal humidifier water bottle, Just find a new widely available coke bottle.
  • Portable Water Bottle Humidifier is a multi-functional one, which helps to moisturize the air in your room, purify the air and also allows to fill the room with aromatic scents.
  • It products a good amount of mist to the air which helps to relieve the dryness in your room or car.
  • Really a lifesaver for those who have nose allergy or nose bleeding.
  • The portable mini water bottle humidifier improves air quality and moisture content in the air while combating the harst effects of dry air, providing you with the ideal moisture balance to help you better and sleep more comfortably.
  • Connected via USB and can also bed used in the car.
  • Only need a bottle of mineral water, a Water Bottle Humidifier, in a dry car, you can also enjoy a comfortable space.


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Alvah Cruickshank

Fine and fast delivered .....

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