Portable Clothes Drying Rack

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Now Dry your clothes faster and in a better way than conventional dryers.

The Portable Electric Clothes Drying Rack provides you with the fastest and easiest way to dry your delicate clothes without doing any harm to your clothes under the dual modes, HOT and Cold, which keep the air at moderate warm temperature (50-60°C).

Two Gear Temperature
Automatic mode switching: Clothes are dried within 30 mins under the hot air mode, then it will automatically switch to the cold air state after three hours (can also be manually switched to cold air at any time).

Equipped with automatic temperature control, the hanger will not overheat no matter how many clothes you put to dry.

The heating Portable Clothes Drying Rack only consumes about 150W of power, you can use it on daily basis for fast and neat drying of all types of garments.

Not only can The Electric Clothes Drying Rack be used to dry clothes, but it can also be used to dry Shoes/socks by adding special parts.

The Portable Clothes Drying Rack is also available with shoe drying tubes that are specifically designed as long narrow tubes that channel the hot air and go inside your shoes to dry them quickly.

It can also get rid of any foul odors from your shoes and sterilize them properly. Simply insert your shoes onto the special attachment, connect it, and dry it!

Super Load Capacity reaches 10kg, which makes our drying rack capable of drying multiple pieces of clothing at once. It's truly a good help for your daily life.

Perfect for travel The electric clothes drying rack is lightweight and portable, it can be easily packed away in your suitcase. It's ultra-quiet and produces no lint.

It is suitable for damp, cold, rainy weather, to help you dry ad disinfect your clothes and a variety of textiles, it can hang clothes hanging in the rack so the your clothes will not wrinkle, the equivalent of Steam iron.

Customer Reviews

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Lavina Rice

It works! keep I mind it's for any important shirts or uniforms possibly for any emergency. Its mild blowing heat system. Not powerful but it works. It works for hours when set usually for any cotton shirts/linens takes at least an hour depending on thickness of the shirts. But if you use it on a jacket (with feathers inside) it will dry within 40mins I've tested on winter vest and it did its job. Overall good device would made or suggest a better design with adding a center tune with holes down the middle of it which will dry off the lower half of any shirts.

Rita Hackett

GD seller

Lavina Waelchi


Kaylee Abernathy

Product was shipped quickly, the device dries well, my blouse was within 1 hour dry, except the sleeves.

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